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Talent Management: A Recruiter’s Best Tool

Posted by Eric Friedman


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When you’re swamped with resumes for each position, the task of sorting through the candidates can be overwhelming, and it can take up as much time as you’ll give it. You may end up ruling out qualified candidates simply because you don’t have time to assess their abilities or keep track of the number of candidates.

That’s where a talent management service can be of help. And as part of talent management, wouldn’t it be great if you could keep track of your candidates’ actual skills, as measured in assessment results? Then you’d be able to make decisions about who to contact further based on real data and not just on what candidates may have put on their resumes or application forms.

If you think this would help your recruiting process, read on. eSkill is partnering with Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service, a widely-used online talent management program (3.1 million hires in 2011—15 percent of U.S. hires that year). The partnership builds on the benefits of each service to provide a seamless integrated solution for talent management and recruiting. By integrating eSkill’s assessments with Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service’s talent management functions, we’ve created a super tool to make your job as a recruiter or HR professional much easier, as well as more efficient and productive.

Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service helps immeasurably in recruiting top talent by letting you enter and search for key talents and abilities, so you can align your candidate pool with the needs of specific job positions and company goals. It also helps you keep abreast of in-house capabilities and training needs, and spot staff members who may need a refresher course or those who have leadership potential. According to Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service’s company research, its talent management system increases retention rates by 40% and employee productivity by 26%.

And when you add in eSkill’s online assessments capabilities, which can be customized to target any number of specific skills and abilities, Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service’s talent management abilities are increased exponentially. Now, you can compare each candidate’s actual tested skills and abilities to Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service’s workforce analytics for specific positions.

Workforce analytics have been shown to be an effective tool that helps managers identify staffing needs, from determining which new positions to add to deciding which can be eliminated; deciding how roles and responsibilities should be assigned; and identifying organizational structural changes to optimize productivity.

Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service’s talent intelligence empowers HR professionals, managers, and staff to better leverage individual talent abilities to fill key roles for a company’s immediate and future development.

And with eSkill’s custom targeted assessments, which allow you to specify the exact skills you wish to measure, Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service’s talent intelligence features are made even more powerful and specific. Together, Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service and eSkill provide a comprehensive and in-depth approach to talent management for all of your recruiting and staff development needs.

For more information on the Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service-eSkill integration, click here.

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Eric Friedman is the founder and CEO of eSkill Corporation, a leading provider of online skills assessment for pre-employment selection and training. Since 2003, eSkill has tested millions of job candidates for employers worldwide such as Zappos, ADP, Coca-Cola, Randstad, and GE. With academic degrees in Psychology and Business, and experience with both mature and expansion-stage company growth, Eric has focused on how to hire and motivate team members to be the best they can be for their roles.
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  • Vanessa September, 02, 2013

    I think it’s great that two so powerful and influential services in the HR world decided to combine their efforts in order to bring the best product. It’s so important to make the right choice when hiring and it takes so much efforts to retain the best talents, that not a single HR of sober judgment would refuse any help in this task. I’m looking forward to see what these assessment giants have to offer.

  • Marge September, 03, 2013

    Every now and then we hear of something fresh and extremely effective aiming to make our life/job easier. It’s been a long time since I don’t believe in promises, but still I’d like to see what this integration will yield.

  • Jay September, 04, 2013

    I think it’s brilliant! Having one tool both for recruiting and assessment of current employees will save us lots of time and nerve!

  • Martha September, 04, 2013

    From my hands-on experience I know that using pre-screening testing can save us the trouble of being accused of subjectiveness and help to make better hiring decisions. Do you intend to tell me now that there’s a way to assess staff performance in the same easy manner? It’s like dreams coming true!


Guest September, 04, 2013