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How to Ask Three Uncomfortable Interview Questions

Posted by Eric Friedman

interview questions

For HR professionals, a hiring decision is often the most uncertain and costly one they make. The whole point of interviewing a candidate is to gain information that will give the company more insight into the person’s personality, character, work ethic, and potential. There are so many interview questions, assessments, or job preview strategies available, that you must be really “picky” about what you choose. Traci Wilk, former HR chief at Starbucks, says that asking interview questions about challenging work experiences can help discern whether a candidate is willing to learn from their mistakes and reveal if they have a growth mindset. In this article, we will share three interview questions + a BONUS one that can predict s [...]
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Make Your Skills Testing Strategy More Profitable with These Tips

Posted by Kristina Minyard

skills testing strategy

Skills testing candidates can save your business time and money. These savings are exponentially increased if you are doing high volume hiring like third party staffing companies. Similar to other business decisions though, if you lack a detailed strategy for skills testing you could be missing out on substantial profit saving opportunities. Consider the following tips to improve your strategy and increase your bottom line with the right talent the first time you hire. Check out how this company saved 64% in selection costs with skills testing. Upgrade to a customizable skills testing option. An “off the shelf” solution for your skills testing is hindering your opportunity to specifically assess skills relative to your positions [...]
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How to Find Your Next Microsoft Office Specialist in 2019

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

Microsoft office skills

Microsoft Office suite is still the most widely used set of desktop applications across all industries. and candidates will often list Microsoft Office skills on their resume. However, as a hiring manager, this doesn’t tell you much, especially since there are so many different versions of MS Office that include different programs. Because a hiring manager’s and candidate’s idea of “proficiency” in any given software system can be two very different things, it’s important to be able to select candidates with strong Microsoft Office skills effectively and test if a candidate really has the skills listed in their resume. It’s also important to you and your human resources department to have a documented process for the ski [...]
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How to Select New Employees Through Social Media Recruiting

Posted by Lucy Benton

social media recruiting

Today, everything is possible with social media. Seriously. Even recruitment. If someone told me five years ago that people will be hired based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, I would have been shocked. But yes, social media has made everything and everyone more accessible. If a company is looking for a specific character type, with a specific set of skills and knowledge, social media is there to help out. But how popular is social media recruitment? Let’s talk numbers: 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn and 55% use Facebook to look for new employees. So how can you make social media work for your company in terms of recruitment? How can you leverage social media to select new employees and recognize their skills? Let’s t [...]
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How You Can Engage Test-takers by Making Tests Realistic, Predictive, and Fun!

Posted by Eric Friedman


Skills testing offers a reliable way to pinpoint the best candidates, increases hiring accuracy and validates hiring decisions. Therefore, when hiring in a tight labor market, you want to create a positive relationship between you and your job candidates so as not to lose their interest. How can you make skills testing that engages, rather than bore, your candidates? How can you create employment skills tests that candidates actually have fun completing? Engaging skills tests need to be relevant to the job (and aligned to EEOC compliance rules!), and they need to be constructed in a way that won’t make candidates feel as if they are wasting their time.  Engaging skills tests also need to have easy-to-understand questions or tasks th [...]
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The Best Way to Hire Remote Staff

Posted by Chris Fields

remote staff

Working from home is one the top perks in today’s extremely competitive job market. According to, candidates searched for jobs using the term “Remote” increased 85% in two years. As someone who works with job seekers often, I can tell you the requests for remote or virtual opportunities are more and more frequent. And why not, the employee gets the flexibility to stay home and save money on gasoline, clothes, food, and other work-related expenses while earning a stable paycheck with benefits and having the ability to handle other matters. The employer benefits from remote workers as well, for instance, a case study developed by Nicholas Bloom and graduate student James Liang found that employees who worked from home [...]
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Four Best Practices to Increase Your Return on Investing in Employees

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

Employee Lifetime Value

You have a lot to consider when determining how much you should invest in employees. Will they stay with the company long enough to make their highest contributions? Will they continue to improve their skills once they are hired? While it is expensive to screen and hire people to find the right fit a position, one bad hire can cost you in terms of productivity and new hiring expenses if you have to let them go. In this article we are going to discuss: the factors that influence employee attitude the single factor that makes people want to stay with a company longer “employee lifetime value” and how it influences your ROI the four best practices for increasing your company’s ROI in employees Factors that influence em [...]
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The Importance of Cultural Fit in the Selection Process

Posted by Anja Zojčeska

Cultural fit - a buzzword in recruitment Though the term cultural fit has gaining popularity in recruitment, many employers are still perplexed by its meaning. So what exactly does a cultural fit mean? Cultural fit is a congruence between the values and behavioral norms of a company and a candidate. It means that candidate’s core values, actions, and goals match yours. A certain candidate might have an impressive skillset and valuable experience. However, this candidate won’t be able to perform his best if he doesn’t fit in with your team, department and company culture. This is why it is crucial to assess cultural fit in the selection process. What is more important in the selection process: A job fit or a cultural fit? [...]
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