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Built To Find Your 2018 Star Employee – eSkill Skills Testing

Posted by Eric Friedman

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eSkill is a trusted expert in online skills testing for assessing the skills of job candidates and current staff. Employers like GE, Coca-Cola, 1-800 Contacts, and Paychex use eSkill to accurately assess their candidates for faster and better fitting hires, or to determine who needs specific training.

If your job involves hiring, you know that your core challenge is…

meaningfully prioritizing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications.

Selecting the best candidates at each step in the process in a fast, data-driven, and compliant way is a goal for any competitive organization. Keywords and resume claims are tough to substantiate, and most available tests are unwieldy and not fully relevant to the job. If your selection process lacks focus and the best assessment tools, all of these inputs can be overwhelming, leading you to lose out on the best talent.

The truth is…

There are Thousands of Skills. And Millions of Jobs.

So we invite you to imagine…

One Platform to Test Them All!

Start Testing with the Next Generation of Skills Assessment Software

eSkill is the first assessment tool that configures a multi-subject test to fit your job requirement or training need, based on the multiple skills required, each at an appropriate skill level.  And relevant tests are valid tests.

We know what you need from your skills testing provider.

  1. Accurate, thorough score reports
  2. Expansive test content to cover all your organizational skills
  3. The power to easily configure the right tests or deploy your own tests online
  4. Improved legal compliance
  5. A smooth and friendly test-taker experience, on both mobile and desktop
  6. Pricing and features that scale with your needs
  7. And a real person (not a robot) to have you covered 24 hours for any need you might have.

Get it all with eSkill Assessments.

eSkill gives you the software, services, and support you need to implement a successful assessment program. This means you’ll be using the most relevant and valid tests for job screening, and perfectly customized tests for your training objectives.

So what makes eSkill the right skills testing solution for you?

  • Easily customize relevant, valid tests from our massive subject library for any job or testing objective.
  • or start with one of our editable standard job- or subject-based tests.
  • Upload your own tests and questions with the eSkill Editor.
  • Simulate the real-life work environments with our class-leading simulations covering Microsoft Office, Call Center, Multi-tasking, and more.
  • Offer a reliable and pleasant test experience for your candidates and employees.
  • Customize Tests, send tests, and receive scores – everything happens in real time .
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR or LMS systems

And don’t forget…

We are always here to advise you. An expert Client Success Manager will be assigned to your account to help you through training, test design, and best practice implementation.

Ready to learn how eSkill can improve the speed and quality of your talent acquisition?

Let’s get started:

  1. Create a test that fits your unique requirements
  2. Send a link to candidates to take the test
  3. See the results in real time.

With recruiting clients reporting a typical 60% reduction in hiring time and 75% reduction in selection costs, you can now focus on all the other things that matter.

Meet your recruiting and training goals.

Maintain a highly skilled workforce.

In one platform, with one expert team to advise you every step of the way.

Request a free consultation.

Call eSkill Sales 1-866-537-5455

International +1-978-649-80

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About Eric Friedman


Eric Friedman is the founder and CEO of eSkill Corporation, a leading provider of online skills assessment for pre-employment selection and training. Since 2003, eSkill has tested millions of job candidates for employers worldwide such as Zappos, ADP, Coca-Cola, Randstad, and GE. With academic degrees in Psychology and Business, and experience with both mature and expansion-stage company growth, Eric has focused on how to hire and motivate team members to be the best they can be for their roles.
To learn more about Eric and eSkill, visit the company website at www.eskill.com , or contact him on LinkedIn.

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  • Mariah December, 06, 2017

    Thank you for your article. We will definitely consider revising our HR strategy for next year.

  • Conor December, 06, 2017

    I think that, in addition to skills testing, we need record specific evidence about success achieved and problems solved. We also need to conduct reference calls to check résumé details with previous supervisors and colleagues.

  • Kelly December, 06, 2017

    This is the best solution if you want to avoid the charisma trap. 

  • Kristina December, 08, 2017

    Customizable skills testing is where its at!! I personally think thats the best option for your org to make sure you’re leveraging your resources to the best of your ability.


Guest December, 08, 2017