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How to Recruit Your First Remote Team in 2018

Posted by Bart Turczynski

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You’ve probably heard employees who work remotely are more productive. No wonder an increasing number of them are given the opportunity to work from home. Even if the advantages of remote work are debatable, you have this one perfect project. You’re tempted to work with a remote team. It’s techy, it requires people to focus on specific tasks, and their productivity can be easily measured. It’s time to recruit your first remote team and see if remote work is all it’s said to be. One caveat. Hiring a remote team is a bit different from the kind of recruiting you’re used to. You’ll need to adapt your recruitment process to the demands of the worldwide web. You’ll need to find the best remote workers, vet them, and make sur [...]
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Do You Feel Stuck With Your Skills Training Strategy?

Posted by Eric Friedman

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Frank, a woodcutter, applied for a job with a timber merchant. And he got it! The job was a really good one, so Frank was determined to do his best.  His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area to work in. The first day, Frank brought 21 trees back to the factory. “Congratulations,” the boss said. “Keep it up!” Very motivated by the boss’s words, Frank tried harder the next day. But he only brought back 17 trees. The third day he tried even harder, but he only brought back 10 trees. He went to the boss and apologized. "I don't understand what is going on." “When was the last time you sharpened your axe?”, asked the boss. “Sharpen? I have had no time to sharpen my axe. I've been too busy cutting down trees [...]
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The Universal Skill All Employers Want

Posted by Chris Fields

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As an employer, you want a highly skilled workforce, and, as a human resource professional, your job is to find those highly skilled workers. Very few jobs require an employee to simply do one task alone in a cubicle. Work requires more from us than that. HR has the daunting task of figuring out which skills are most desirable in a multi-functional and collaborative work environment. There are ways to determine the specific skills for a specific job, and one of those ways is job analysis with skills assessments. Buy what is the universal skill most employers look for? Start Testing with the Next Generation of Skills Assessment Software There are over 6,000,000 open jobs in the United States right now, and, although unemployment is at [...]
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Personalized Employee Training: Time to Join the Trend

Posted by Eric Friedman

The Association for Talent’s 2016-State-of-the-Industry-Report found that an average of $1,252 is spent per employee for training and development. In addition, this report shows that employees spend 33.5 hours in training. There’s no denying the importance of training in the workplace today, and more companies are adopting training systems to help their employees grow and acquire new skills. The new trend is to offer personalized training that’s tailored to each employee’s needs and goals. Through personalized training, employees can learn what they need to learn at their specific experience level and according to their personal career path. Start Testing with the Next Generation of Skills Assessment Software A critical respo [...]
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Top Job Skills for Jobs That Don’t Exist Today but Will Soon

Posted by Chris Fields

Think back to just 10 years ago. Who would have predicted “Uber Driver”, “Manager of Social Media Engagement”, “Cyber Security Officer” or even “App Developer” would be career options, let alone predict the skills training necessary to be a good at any of those jobs? How in the world can you predict the skills necessary to perform jobs that don’t even exist? Easy, you pay attention to what’s going on today, and you dream about tomorrow. No kidding. It sounds odd, but consider this: I often read articles about the future of HR, and I think back to when I was a kid dreaming of flying cars and robot assistants. Back then, we dreamed those things but never really thought they could happen. Fast forward to today, and we [...]
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What Elements You Must Include in Your Next Training Simulation

Posted by Kamy Anderson


Many business owners have very little time to provide their employees with effective training, simply because they have a lot on their plates and need to focus their attention on the core tasks. Nevertheless, they know how important employee training is for boosting productivity and growing their business, which is why they turn to training simulations, which will not disrupt workflow and will allow core activities to continue seamlessly. Training simulations are excellent for closing knowledge gaps and helping employees improve their skills because they are interactive and immersive and mimic real-life situations, helping trainees effectively learn everything they need to learn much faster. Why Skills Training Matters in the World of [...]
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What is more important: Knowledge, Skills or Abilities? Can you choose?

Posted by Michael D. Haberman


Most human resources professionals and managers are familiar with the acronym KSAs, which stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities. We hire on the basis of KSAs. We promote on the basis of KSAs, generally anyway. Often these terms are used almost interchangeably, or in just one big mouthful of KSAs, without making a distinction between the terms. Distinctions are important, however, particularly if you are trying to determine the traits a candidate or employee possesses. Let’s look at the distinctions. Knowledge According to, knowledge is defined as: Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition. I will illustrate with a personal example. In my younger days, I [...]
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5 Interview Questions to Determine the Motivational Profile of a Candidate

Posted by Lisa Perrin

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How would you like to have a few magical interview questions that give you insights about a candidate’s behavior that skills testing can’t? It is said that attitude and behavior are what make a person stay with a company. Skills can be trained, but attitude and personality come from within—so, I want to share with you five short questions you can use in a 15-minute interview to determine whether a person has the right attitude, motivation, and behavior that match a job position. The truth is that, despite all the skills tests developed, one thing is still hard to measure. And that is… Motivation. When people talk, they not only transmit ‘raw’ information, but they also teach you a few lessons about themselves. More precis [...]
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