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The Elephant in the Office: The Skills Gap

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

the elephant in the office

Human capital, a company’s largest asset and also expense, is the modern corporate chicken-and-egg dilemma.  While companies spend millions or even billions of dollars building an employer brand or recruiting to fill open positions, they are just filling a leaky bucket as good employees leave organizations, hurting company productivity and earnings more than ever before. The elephant in the office is a piece of your company’s retention plan you might not expect.  So, while HR is mandating employee focus group meetings and annual employee surveys, the skills gap problem quietly and yet obviously looms at your workplace.  Let’s train and develop our employees. This year, 75 percent of employees surveyed by Cornerstone OnDeman [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Verbal Communication Skills

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

communication issues

The deadline is quickly approaching and you want to get your hands on the report to ensure that all the numbers and data are in line, the analysis is on target, and that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.  You are stressed in your job to the max.  You stop by your employee’s desk expecting to find her feverishly working on the last-minute details and edits, but instead notice that she is checking her Facebook newsfeed.  Fighting panic, you calmly ask her about the project.  Her response is your worst nightmare.  “You didn’t set a timeline on that, and I didn’t realize you meant you needed it now…” Whoa.  Did that just happen?  After you manage this crisis situation, it’s time to do a little self-re [...]

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How to Create Outstanding Customer Service

Posted by Eric Friedman

customer service

A lot of companies claim to be customer focused today. But what does that really mean? It entails going beyond the standard “the customer is always right” mentality, in order to exceed customer expectations. Being customer-focused today depends on providing outstanding customer service. While a satisfied customer may return, he or she may also go elsewhere. How can you develop customer loyalty? You need to provide service that exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond what is required. It helps to think in terms of developing a relationship with customers by paying attention to what their needs are and what they may be in the future. The foundation lies in training your customer service staff and developing a culture of res [...]

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The Generation Divide in Workplace Communication We Face as Managers

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

workplace communication generation

With four generations active in the workforce, communicating effectively with each individual in his or her preferred style is one of a manager’s many challenges. We’ll take a look at each generation’s preferred method, and how to develop a communication strategy to satisfy each employee in his or her own unique way. The oldest generation in the workplace is getting ready to retire, and the newest is about to start a first part-time job while still in high school. Knowing about communication styles is an important skill to possess as our workplace gets more diverse. Traditionalists (1922-1943) Their communication style is a direct reflection of their generation name. Traditionalist feel that no news is good news. As a superviso [...]

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Five Essential Qualities to Look for in Customer-Facing Employees

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

five qualities

The customer-facing position is the most critical role in the service environment. Currently, about 27% of jobs, from retail to restaurant, fall into this category. As a hiring manager, you know that turnover can be high in these positions and employee morale can be low. To keep good candidates from leaving your workplace, it’s important to evaluate some specific skills when hiring, testing, or analyzing on-the-job training. To ensure optimal candidates and decrease turnover, we’ve come up with a few skills that hiring managers should put more emphasis on when deciding on which candidates to hire. Showing Empathy - While empathy can be learned, it is also something that comes more naturally to some people. Customers need the feelin [...]

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A Culture of Success

See how we helped Zappos to decrease their recruiting costs.

Why Eskill

Tired of never-ending interview processes? Speed up your recruiting and find the right person for the job. Let us help you!

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Kristin Kelley

VP of Marketing and Communications, Randstad Technologies

"As the fourth largest IT staffing company in the US, Sapphire (now Randstad Technologies) provides customized solutions for both public and private corporations. In 2007, Sapphire integrated eSkill with its website to administer tests to online applicants. This allows recruiters to quickly weed through candidates to find only the best [...]

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