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What Elements You Must Include in Your Next Training Simulation

Posted by Kamy Anderson


Many business owners have very little time to provide their employees with effective training, simply because they have a lot on their plates and need to focus their attention on the core tasks. Nevertheless, they know how important employee training is for boosting productivity and growing their business, which is why they turn to training simulations, which will not disrupt workflow and will allow core activities to continue seamlessly. Training simulations are excellent for closing knowledge gaps and helping employees improve their skills because they are interactive and immersive and mimic real-life situations, helping trainees effectively learn everything they need to learn much faster. Why Skills Training Matters in the World of [...]
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The Cost of Losing Employees (And How to Avoid It)

Posted by Brandie Hinen

employee leave__leftf

Losing an employee is never easy -- but it happens. People change industries, find “better for them” jobs, or go to work for themselves. But many organizations don’t realize how costly employee turnover is! First, losing an employee hurts your bottom line. Period. Experts estimate it costs at least twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. Josh Bersin from Deloitte believes the cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to two times the employee’s annual salary. You read that right. Some HR managers I know say it takes them longer than finding the right person to fill a position than it took for them to find their own job! Another way losing an employee can cost you is by neg [...]
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Hire for the Skills. Not for the Title.

Posted by Eric Friedman

  Once upon a time, a manager was a manager. Organizations had clear hierarchies, and job titles indicated an employee’s experience and level of responsibility, and they meant the same thing to anyone reading a résumé. Not anymore. Today, employment is more fragmented, and a job seeker’s work experience might include freelancing, entrepreneurship, a traditional 9-to-5 job or a combination of all three. In start-up companies, workers often take on jobs that never existed before and wear many hats. Their jobs evolve quickly. Nothing is traditional about what they do, and their self-created job titles—such as “influencer,” “strategist” and “professional evangelist”—reflect these changes. A freelancer, working a [...]
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How to Beat the Skills Gap

Posted by Chris Fields

skills gap analysis

With nearly 6,000,000 open jobs in America right now, why are some many people complaining about finding a job? The biggest reason is the Skills Gap, a.k.a. the Talent Gap. But what does it REALLY mean? The defines skills gap as “the difference between skills needed for a job versus skills possessed by a worker.” I believe that definition is an oversimplification of the Skills Gap. The true definition of the Skills Gap is far more complex, expensive and complicated. The Gap Works Both Ways First, let’s all agree that Skills Gap is not only about applicants. Employers are part of the problem as well. I spend a lot of time reading job descriptions on job boards and researching companies. Most of the job descriptions [...]
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Hire your Next Leaders using Leadership Skills Tests

Posted by Michael D. Haberman

are recruiters too picky eskill

Article after article over the past several years has talked about the crisis in leadership. Whether it is in politics or in business, people are less than happy with their leadership. One study revealed, “Less than a quarter of people see leaders as effective, while just 13% think their leaders take appropriate responsibility.” Another study revealed, “Our latest global leadership research confirmed the suspicions of many in the industry: that an exclusive reliance on formal programs for leadership development is one of the causes of the current dearth of available leadership talent.” With an increase with women in the workplace and the need for empathy in the workplace, how does a company respond to these issues in the selecti [...]
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Discrimination in the Workplace can sneak into the Best Intentioned Hiring practice

Posted by Eric Friedman

avoid employment law issues

How to Avoid this Pitfall and the Resulting Litigation A grocery distribution company needed to hire warehouse workers where the job required lifting 50 lb. boxes, so they conducted a mechanical handle-pulling test on a pool of candidates. They gave the person who could lift the most weight beyond 50 pounds the highest score and ranked that person as “the most job-fit.” The test for upper body strength was valid given the lifting tasks. The test lifting against mechanical resistance to simulate box lifting was a valid test. However, the implementation (scoring) that screened-in those who lifted the most weight was NOT valid because the job only required that the worker needed to lift 50 lb. boxes. Moreover, such a test discrim [...]
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3 Ways to Attract Millennials and Keep Them Engaged

Posted by Eric Friedman

attract millennials

You have probably watched the viral video of Simon Sinek in which he makes a 15-minute analysis about the Millennials’ personality, and why they feel so distracted and disengaged at work.  Simon covers everything from social media addiction to parenting flaws in the generation’s problem. After watching the video, I had in mind to make an analysis of what an HR department can do in order to maximize their efforts, and retain young talent on long-term. I guess my intention was right because yesterday during my lunch break I heard an interesting discussion between two friends. Maria, one of the ladies at the nearby table, works for one the biggest software companies in the building as a QA Junior. “I have been with the company f [...]
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The Truth About Implementing Unlimited Vacation

Posted by Eric Friedman

unlimited vacation

Unlimited Vacation: Realities, Rewards, and Risks A job that comes with unlimited vacation sounds like a dream come true. What’s better than lying on the beach every day with a cocktail in hand, plus getting a paycheck, too!  In reality, unlimited vacation policies are a bit more complicated with potential advantages and drawbacks for both employees and employers. What is an unlimited vacation? To begin with, an unlimited vacation is far from “unlimited”. “Flexible” would be a more accurate way to describe it. This type of vacation policy lets employees decide how many days to take off, when to take them, and how these days will be used. It can be a sick day, a vacation, or just time spent catching up on errands. Who [...]
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