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The 2019 Hiring Plan That Gives Power to Your Employees and Test-Takers

Posted by Eric Friedman

skills selection plan

For most companies (unless you are in retail or shipping), as you look forward to the holidays, your workplace productivity declines and your office is probably pretty relaxed and empty. Some might think Q4 is not a good time to assess and plan for the new year, but, contrary to what you might believe, the end of the year is the perfect time to develop a selection plan that will give power to your employees in the new year. Ask any CEO about their biggest concerns, and they will say the skills gap or talent shortage are at the top of the list. In fact, if you Google “Top CEO Issues,” you will see millions of results. Click on any of the articles in your search result, and you will find references to the “talent gap,” “hiring [...]
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A Good Offense is the Best Defense: Stopping Racial Discrimination and Harassment

Posted by Kelly Painter

racial discrimination harassment

Left unchecked, racism in the workplace can turn into acts of discrimination or outright harassment. It is the HR department's responsibility to make sure that this doesn't happen. A good offense is the best defense, so it's better to be proactive in preventing racial discrimination and harassment rather than reacting after the complaints start rolling in. Here are some ways that HR can help prevent racial discrimination and harassment from rearing its ugly head in the workplace. Establish a zero-tolerance policy. Every workplace must abide by the federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination, enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, these laws don't protect every employee in every [...]
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How AI will Impact Business Growth and the Modern Workforce

Posted by Peter Davidson

artificial intelligence

To be consistent with your business development, you need to constantly focus on growing your company and modernizing your workforce. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers easier ways to accomplish these defined goals. Forward-thinking businesses use AI to achieve transparency, efficiency, and creativity – all needed to survive in a trend-driven market. AI has been widely seen to be one of the important keys for growing and stabilizing a business, especially in a challenging economy. A Good Return on Investment (ROI) Tech Emergence summarized the results of a global survey showing that most businesses use AI to deploy automation and improve their routines – making them more efficient. When you use AI to learn more about your c [...]
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How to Fix a Skills Mismatch

Posted by Kristina Minyard

What does it mean to have a skills mismatch? A skills mismatch is the gap between an individual’s job skills and the demands of the job itself. With currently low unemployment rates and an evolving job market where overly specific training may become irrelevant, our organization is more than likely experiencing the pains of a skills mismatch, but you can work to fix this. Write better job descriptions. Take the time to write a thorough job description that speaks clearly to your intended audience. Give your supervisors and hiring managers time explore what skills are actually needed for a new hire to start contributing right away. For example, if your company posts a position that requires two years of previous experience, ask “W [...]
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Diversity’s Impact on Recruitment

Posted by Annie Grace Wilson

Corporate leaders have embraced the proven research that shows a diverse workforce yields better results. Meeting EEOC requirements is part of the equation that recruiters must consider as they hire capable, team-oriented employees who come from a variety of backgrounds. A Forbes study attributed workforce diversity as the driving force responsible for improved innovation and growth. Recruiting Capable and Qualified Candidates The challenge recruiters face is how they can best assess a candidate's ability to do a job by using tests that are not biased against certain protected groups and that will provide accurate test results. Skills and abilities tests must meet EEOC requirements. Cognitive tests are used to evaluate an appli [...]
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5 Ways Recruiters Can Use Big Data to Find the Best Candidates

Posted by Olivia Ryan

Human resources have changed drastically with the rise of IT and data science. Modern recruiters don’t waste time searching for the best candidates on their own. Instead, they use big data to find new talents and keep potential applicants informed about the company’s job opportunities. Recruiting software enables HR managers to avoid generic searches, so now they can post positions and filter applicants based on a number of highly specific preferences. This is very important because studies prove that businesses that use a maturity model, perform 30% better than their peers on the market. If you want to improve recruiting, you should also exploit the new technology. In this post, we will show you 5 ways recruiters should use big [...]
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How has eSkill prepared for the GDPR?

Posted by Eric Friedman

At eSkill, we take compliance very seriously. For GDPR, we are working to ensure that we are compliant with the rules laid out by the law, and that we provide product functionality that enables our customers to remain compliant. eSkill collects data to operate effectively and to provide you with the best experiences while using our products. You provide some of this data directly, such as when you take an eSkill test, create an eSkill account, interact with the website, or contact us for support. We collect some of this data by using cookies, and we also obtain data from third parties. Information can be collected from the website and blog, directly from our customers, and from the customers’ test takers through several for [...]
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Time to Hire and Train – a Never-ending Story in the World of HR

Posted by Eric Friedman

According to a Linkedin Report on 2018 Global Recruiting Trends, recruiters can more easily discover talent by focusing on diversity, new interviewing tools, data and artificial intelligence. In the following article we will discuss the interviewing tools and how they can leverage the time component from the selection process. Hunt Scanlon Media recently reported that employers will face increasing challenges to find and retain employees. These challenges begin with the hiring process: “Seventy five percent of employer responses stated that their hiring process, from initial interview to offer, takes more than three weeks, while the vast majority of professionals surveyed felt it should take two weeks at most.” eSkill Corporat [...]
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