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Hottest HR Trends for 2017

Posted by Eric Friedman

Another year ends, and that means it’s time to look ahead at what the new year has in store for the world of human resources. In 2017, the hottest HR trends will center more than ever on the employee experience and employee satisfaction. Technology will continue to stake its claim in the world of HR, with new and different platforms and a more holistic approach also shaking things up. Let’s jump right in—here are the 2017 hottest HR trends: 1. Improve employees’ experience Employers have always focused on improving their customers’ experience, but recently there’s been a shift to focusing more on employees’ experience too. This is in great part due to the skills-gap we’re facing. There simply aren’t enough skilled w [...]

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How to Avoid Favoritism at Work

Posted by Chris Fields

Favoritism: The Engagement & Retention Killer What do you know about favoritism? Did you know it is one the top reasons why employees quit their jobs? And did you know that favoritism causes employees to become disgruntled and unproductive? As an HR professional with nearly 20 years of experience, I have seen it first-hand, even from before I was in HR. I can tell you that favoritism is a corporate culture killer. It upsets employees, can make them feel alone, useless, and undervalued, and may even cause them to quit and, in some cases, sue! Favors vs. Favoritism Most of us do favors for friends, but the difference is when those favors are abused and cause harm to others. For instance, an owner hiring a friend is a favor, but wh [...]

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Task-Oriented vs. People-Oriented Management Styles: Which is Better?

Posted by Eric Friedman

Leadership styles vary from person to person depending on how they provide direction, implement plans, and motivate people. In every facet of business, from international banking to your local corner store, leadership styles affect the mood and workflow. Two of the most common leadership styles are task-oriented and people-oriented (also known as relationship-oriented). Each of these styles has their pros and cons, and either one can be perfect for any given situation. We’ll let you decide which is better for your organization. Task-Oriented Management Style Pros Task-oriented leaders have several characteristics that help make sure that things get done in a manner that is both proficient and on time every time. These managers usua [...]

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A Culture of Success

See how we helped Zappos to decrease their recruiting costs.

Why Eskill

Tired of never-ending interview processes? Speed up your recruiting and find the right person for the job. Let us help you!

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Christa Foley

Recruiting Manager Zappos

“The wide variety and customizability of eSkill’s online testing allows us to pre-screen many of our candidates before they even get to our doors. And this is a key factor, because once a potential hire shows he/she possesses the skills necessary to do the job, our recruiters can concentrate on the second—and equally important—part of the [...]

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