employee performance evaluation

Why Are Performance Reviews Important? Do They Really Work?

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

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employees engaged motivated

10 Steps to Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated

Posted by Eric Friedman

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skills construction

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

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New Best Practices for Social Media Recruiting

Posted by Abby Perkins

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Disruptive Technology in Talent Management

Posted by Eric Friedman

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Why Do Highly Performing Employees Leave?

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

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Guns at Work after Charlie Hebdo

Posted by Eric Friedman

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Can Introverts be Great Leaders?

Posted by Eric Friedman

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Essential for a Good Telecommuting Program: Trust

Posted by Michael D. Haberman

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Lessons from Google: Reinventing Your HR Strategy

Posted by Eric Friedman

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Understanding the FLSA & Overtime in the Workplace

Posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell

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Why Eskill

Because accurate assessments mean the right person for the job, eSkill customizes each test to the question from a library of over 3,000 subjects and subtopics.

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Talent Management

Strategies for Success


Kristin Kelley

VP of Marketing and Communications, Randstad Technologies

"As the fourth largest IT staffing company in the US, Sapphire (now Randstad Technologies) provides customized solutions for both public and private corporations. In 2007, Sapphire integrated eSkill with its website to administer tests to online applicants. This allows recruiters to quickly weed through candidates to find only the best [...]

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